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2013 Tesla Model S: Door Opens Automatically

October 24, 2013

2013 Tesla Model S

When I shift our 2013 Tesla Model S into park, the driver door opens automatically. The door doesn't open fully, just to the first detent. This is not the first time it's happened.

We waited before taking this into the dealer to see if we could repeat the problem. But so far, the only possible similarity between events is that the car was wet following rain or early morning condensation. No more waiting. We've schedule an appointment to have the issue addressed.

Mike Schmidt, Vehicle Testing Manager @ 10,770 miles

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By drcomputer
on 10/24/13
10:57 PM PST

The door opening problem has already been addressed by Tesla. They have redesigned the handles so that the microswitch sensor won't be triggered when the handles extend when the car is put in park. They are replacing the handles on cars that have issues and will check and replace any problem handle when a car comes in for its yearly maintenance. This is a new car from a new car company. That being said, they have been extremely responsive to any issue and are redesigning part and integrating them into new cars on the production line as soon as a problem is identified. What other car company does this?

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By juddholl10
on 10/24/13
1:29 PM PST

vvk: That this car is even drivable for more than an hour while still providing exemplary performance is an absolute miracle. Consider the technology. Elon Musk's design has surpassed everyone's expectations. I'd agree with your comment if this were a conventional gasoline internal combustion engine powered car, but that the Tesla is even remotely capable of competing with its gasoline powered counterparts is a triumph and exempts it from such harsh criticism when things go wrong. Keep in mind, these early adopters are like beta testers. If they didn't know what they were getting into, they don't respect the technology.

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By fordson1
on 10/24/13
11:16 AM PST

So would that be the same appointment you made to figure out the sound coming from the tranny or differential? What are you waiting for - if my car was making a sound from the tranny or diff, I would have it in there the next day.

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