Handsome or Not? - 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA250 Long-Term Road Test

2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA250 Long-Term Road Test

2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA250: Handsome or Not?

November 21, 2013

2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA250

When I was driving our long-term 2013 Mercedes CLA250, I had several people tell me they think the car is handsome.

But I've seen a couple of you commenting otherwise.

What is the verdict, handsome or not? And how do feel about the color white? Vote in the comments section.

Donna DeRosa, Managing Editor @ 349 miles


  • jeepsrt jeepsrt Posts:

    I'm wouldn't buy white, but I do like the look of the CLA.

  • quadricycle quadricycle Posts:

    Its not a bad looking car, but not great. There's some bulges in the front fascia, and the rear (look at the trunk lid area) isn't exactly the most gracious execution of the sloping roof line. Its almost like they tried to stick some good looking elements on the car, instead of the car being overall well-proportioned with good lines.

  • jps429 jps429 Posts:

    It can be a handsome car when optioned correctly.... In my opinion, the color & wheel combination you chose looks horrible. Add that to the lack of Bi-Xenon Headlights and you have one of the cheapest looking CLA's in LA even though it is close to loaded inside!

  • gloss gloss Posts:

    I think the car looks great in person.

  • duck87 duck87 Posts:

    The car in general looks great. Front especially, but the rear is a bit too busy/melted looking. It's just not "conservatively handsome" in the traditional MB sense with their larger sedans. The main thing that kills this car for me is the pedestrian chassis and powertrain.

  • bvc500 bvc500 Posts:

    I thought the concept (in hatchback form) was better looking, especially the headlights. They are just too big on the production car. While its not a bad design, I don't really like it.

  • mercedesfan mercedesfan Posts:

    I HATED the look of the CLA when I first saw pictures of it. However, as I've started to see them around on the road my opinion has almost done a 180. I still think the rear could be better executed, but overall I think it looks pretty good. If nothing else, it looks a lot more expensive than it really is.

  • vvk vvk Posts:

    This car looks better in other colors. Black and red come to mind.

  • charizard1 charizard1 Posts:

    Most cars look better in person than in pics or commercials. This car was the opposite for me. When I saw pics of it, I thought it looked pretty cool until I saw it at my local Mercedes dealer. It looks way too small and stubby. It also looks really narrow and tall when looking at it straight from the front. I was disappointed when I first saw it and test drove it. I agree with others in that you guys picked a horrible combo for your car. Yours looks cheap and ugly. It might have been a little better with bi-xenon headlights, sport package, and darker color.

  • ahightower ahightower Posts:

    The white is boring as heck, and the overall styling is awkward and strange.

  • tslbmw tslbmw Posts:

    I don't mind the color, but again, the car is too dull for my tastes without the sports package. I'm with charizard1, I was unimpressed when I saw it in person. He point about it appearing too narrow is spot on. It doesn't look agressive enough for my tastes.

  • gslippy gslippy Posts:

    It's nice-looking. I just don't like the poor integration of the nav system. I drive a white car now (my 5th over time), so I like the color.

  • bc1960 bc1960 Posts:

    I like it in the blue-grey and dark purple, provided it doesn't have the optional lip spoiler which alters the smooth curve of the deck lid.

  • stovt001_ stovt001_ Posts:

    I think it looks good, better than the stubby A3 and 1/2 Series. But I might just be bitter that we don't get the far superior hatchback versions of those cars.

  • boff_ boff_ Posts:

    Looks good in pix but I have yet to see one on the street. I generally dislike cars in white (except for old 911's) so...

  • Oh no!! We forgot to put a screen in the interior! Oh well, we'll just stick it here. Sure, that looks fine, I suppose...

  • agentorange agentorange Posts:

    Who would know what the car looks like from such a low angle shot with half of it blurry. This is the view a cockroach with cataracts would get. In general I like white cars but the squashed coupe shape of the CLS did not work for me when I saw one at a dealership. It looked like a beached whale bleaching in the Sun. I'll have to see the CLA in person before I decide if it is similarly afflicted.

  • noburgers noburgers Posts:

    looks like an albino baby piglet

  • noburgers noburgers Posts:

    looks like an albino baby piglet

  • cx7lover cx7lover Posts:

    You all forgot to check off the most important option. The upgraded 18" wheels and the Bi-Xenon headlights! The CLA how I want it is roughly 36K and these two options are only about $2,000 total.

  • ruckusrider ruckusrider Posts:

    Handsome, but white is one of the last colors I would choose for the CLA.

  • thedream32 thedream32 Posts:

    Nope, not handsome to me. It's not Pontiac Aztec awful mind you, but it's certainly not even as pretty as a Mazda 6. For some reason, the look just SCREAMS front-wheel drive. White isn't bad, though I'm not sure there's a color that would improve the looks for me. No complaints on the interior design though :) I like that a lot! The forthcoming S3 is far far a better looking car.

  • bassrockerx bassrockerx Posts:

    i think it looks great you won't find much love for mercedes (especially the "run of the mill" models) on enthusiast websites because most gearheads are so brand biased to bmw or audi. compared to 30k sedans it looks better than the closest competitor i can think of the VW CC and it looks modern without also looking bulky a rare combination.

  • I know I'm probably alone on this (styling is subjective) but I like it without giant wheels or the sports package. It's not a particularly sporty car so I think making it look like one is kind of poseur-ish. That said, I think it would look better in a metallic paint color and the front overhang seems pretty bulbous from some angles.

  • credd credd Posts:

    Striking similar to the Passat Coupe. I can't wait to see how this car under delivers and overcharges for what is just another FWD sedan.

  • shepski shepski Posts:

    I can't stand the styling direction that Mercedes has been taking, and believe the CLA to be the worst example thereof yet (LOL at "albino baby piglet"). Before I'd ever seen a pic, I passed one on the highway and had a near gag-inducing "WTF?!" moment (the "melted"/squashed rear just looked all wrong). I subsequently did a search and found it to look quite appealing in pics (and so agree with the earlier post about it being the rare car that looks better in pics than in person). Since my first encounter, I've seen plenty and now don't mind it as much. Meanwhile, I actually really dig the interior (at least from the pics I've seen), tack-on NAV screen notwithstanding.

  • hybris hybris Posts:

    The front end looks "Mopey" to me with the front end that narrows down a bit too sharply and the over size MB logo grill. Remove the grill and give it a different design that's more lower key and put a proper MB hood ornament on it and you will be going on the right direction.

  • iode iode Posts:

    The options you chose seem to not do the car justice. My takeaway price was similar to yours, I have Pano roof, Bixenons, cirrus white, premium/multimedia pkg. Honestly, white is one of the best looking colors for the car, especially with the black/white color contrast with the panoramic roof. Also, tsk for not getting the bixenon light package.

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