2009 Mazda Mazda6 Long-Term Road Test

2009 Mazda6: Look Ma, No More Red Line!

August 25, 2009


Those of you who care about our Mazda6 no doubt remember the red line on the nav screen, which has been haunting us for months. Well, it's finally been repaired. Or, more precisely, it's been replaced -- by Mazda of Orange. The debacle dates back to April when we first took the car in for this issue and to have the Oldhamised underbody cladding replaced.


The delay is thanks largely to the dealer which took entirely too long to acquire the parts, but there was no shortage of foot dragging on our end, either. We finally took the car in for the repair on Friday, August 14 and were called to pick it up on Tuesday, August 18. We'll spare you the long string of logic that kept us from attempting to pick it up until last Friday, August 21.

Prior to picking it up, service writer, Mary Doyle, offered to have the car detailed to compensate us for the multiple delays -- something we were thankful for. However, when we got there last Friday, the car was as dirty as when we took it in. So we left it until Tuesday afternoon, which was as soon as they could complete the job.

The logic here escapes us. Think about it critically and it seems we were being further delayed by a service designed to compensate us for a delay. This is yet to occur to anyone at Ford of Orange, but we're not terribly surprised -- they haven't exactly covered themselves in glory throughout this mess.


It's done. There's no red line on the nav screen, the new underbody cladding is in place and the paint is shining again.

Josh Jacquot, senior road test editor @ 16,060 miles

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