2009 Mazda Mazda6 Long-Term Road Test

2009 Mazda 6 i Grand Touring: The Stroller Factor

November 10, 2009

2010 MAZDA6s_crargo.jpg

So he tells me that now that they have this new family, she's looking at her Toyota 4Runner and thinking it should be some kind of family-friendly crossover. You can't blame them really, as there's a whole commercial culture built on accessories for your newborn, so you find yourself extending the same outlook to your transportation needs. It's as if you get a big stamp on your forehead that says, "Must have room for stroller."

And there's something to be said for a utility-style cargo area. That nice, flat loading floor makes it easy to scoot things in and out, and almost everything has some kind of split-back folding seat so you can expand the space. Of course, it also quickly assumes the appearance of an overcrowded kitchen drawer, with stuff sliding around. And the truth is, the volume isn't that great, because you can only stack stuff to the height of the rear seatback for fear of something being catapulted forward in a sudden stop.

So why not a car instead? As the Mazda 6 illustrates, the modern trunk is a miracle of modern convenience. This one measures 16.6 cubic feet, and the whole split-back seat thing applies. The liftover height is actually lower than most any crossover. And everything is secured in a nice container, so it won't try to hit you in the head in an accident. It's not like the trunk of the modern car is shaped like a well, which is what used to make the trunk of a sedan so inconvenient. I'll show him this picture, since I think hardly anybody really gets the way rear seats flop and fold these days.

So I'll suggest the Mazda 6 to him. But they'll probably get a Mazda CX-7 instead.

Michael Jordan, Executive Editor @ 20,165 miles

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