2013 Infiniti JX35 Long Term Road Test

2013 Infiniti JX35: Wyoming Adventures Part 4 -- Practical Matters

August 17, 2012


Yes, that's a shot of the JX in front of Idaho's largest army surplus store. Can't ever have too much surplus.

Anyway, here are a few thoughts on the JX's drivability/usability on a trip like this.

First, it's comfortable. As I've already discussed, long days in the saddle are no problem in this car. I found its range to be adequate as well. Does anyone really need to go more than 375 miles between stops anyway? I don't. I have to eat more often than that.

But it's good for other reasons, too. Its nav system is handy for easily pinpointing potential stop locations and telling you how far away they are. And its adaptive cruise control is absolutely brilliant in everything from thin traffic to stop-and-go slowing.

I only found it obviously power deficient once and that was on Wyoming's 9,659-foot Togwotee pass when I attempted to make a double pass. Certainly the combination of Nissan's 3.5-liter V6 and the CVT isn't as effective at motivating the JX as it in smaller cars, but engine drone was never troubling and simulated shifting made power readily available.

It is big, however. And you feel it. I attempted to follow a friend's Audi Q5 through the mountains and was working pretty hard to keep up. Then again, he wasn't able to stuff two bikes and two weeks worth of adventure gear in the back of his Audi. I'd call that a worthy trade off.

I do wish the rear hatch didn't beep so many times or so loudly when it's opened and closed, but that's a small issue. Overall, the JX is solid road tripper.

Josh Jacquot, Senior editor

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