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2013 Infiniti G Convertible G37 Sport Convertible Exterior

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Infiniti was adrift for more than a decade, trying to establish itself in a crowded luxury scene filled with established players that enjoyed years of pedigree and consumer recognition. With a lineup of staid sedans and rebadged Nissan SUVs, there were few products to help the brand get noticed. That all changed with the G, a car that established Infiniti's current penchant for creating cars that are fun to drive, packed with high-tech features and priced lower than their competitors.

Yet, a successful luxury car company should touch every corner of the market, and with the Infiniti G Convertible, the brand is in an even better position to take on its rivals. Blessed with a retractable-hardtop design, it offers the quiet comfort of a coupe when the top is up and the exhilaration of a convertible when it's automatically stowed beneath the trunk lid. But there are a couple of serious penalties paid for this luxury. Besides being about 450 pounds heavier than the coupe, its backseat is nearly useless with the top raised and the trunk is nearly useless with it lowered.

Because of these practical concerns, we don't think quite as highly of the G Convertible as we do of its Coupe and Sedan siblings. Even so, the Convertible certainly shares the sort of performance, handling and value that has made the G family such a smart buy in the entry-luxury segment.

Used Infiniti G Convertible Models
The Infiniti G Convertible was an all-new model for 2009. Besides a special, low-production Anniversary model for 2010, there have been no notable changes.

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