2010 Honda Insight Long Term Road Test

2010 Honda Insight: HVAC, Grouped by Function

April 15, 2010

Honda Insight HVAC Controls.JPG

Our long-term 2010 Honda Insight has good HVAC controls, grouped just to the left of the Navi screen. But they're a bit different than other Honda HVAC controls.

There are several HMI (Human Machine Interface) principles on grouping controls:
Group by: 1. Frequency of use, 2. What is standardized convention, 3. Function
(There may be a few others I forgot.)

Our Insight's HVAC controls are grouped function, which is good of course.
But it is also better to have a control in close proximity to the display. That way it's obvious that the control is related to the display, for example, the hard buttons around the radio/Navi display.

But on our Insight, the fan speed is adjacent to the temp display. I kept adjusting the fan speed when I wanted temp adjust. The temp adjust is the rotary knob below, with the small labeling. And this is different than other Honda HVAC setups like our Crosstour shown below with its toggle-type temp switch.

If I was on the Insight Eval team, I would have suggested switching the fan and temp controls.

It's a small point, and I suppose you would get used to it. But you shouldn't have to.

Albert Austria, Senior Vehicle Eval Engineer @ 15,990 miles

Honda Crosstour HVAC controls.JPG

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