2010 Honda Insight Long Term Road Test

2010 Honda Insight: Hey Insight, Can We Talk?

May 10, 2010


I drove our Honda Insight over the weekend and I didn't like it. To borrow the old break up line, my dear Insight, it's not you, it's me.

You're perfectly fine for who you are. We had a great time over the weekend driving up to the Bay Area and taking Mom out for a Dim Sum Mothers Day brunch. Sure you got great mileage driving down the coast (41mpg), a bunch of cargo space for my photo gear and I really appreciated that, but overall I find you annoying.

The reason I think you're annoying wasn't because I found your regenerative brakes grabby and jerky, nor your hybrid system that hesitated a lot when I hit the gas or even the weak gas engine you've got. I didn't like you because you didn't mold to my driving style and I wasn't willing to change. Driving you is killing who I am.

I'm sure there are a lot of fish out there that really get who you are and can really appreciate just how special you are on the inside, but that person isn't me. Maybe other people are willing to change their driving style to get the most out of you, but I like who I am.

Besides, I don't want to be mean but the new Mustang has got over 300 hp and is getting 30 mpg. Take care and have a good life.

Scott Jacobs, Senior Photographer

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