2010 Honda Insight Long Term Road Test

2010 Honda Insight: A Roadtrip From Three POVs

February 15, 2010


I had our 2010 Honda Insight for an 800-mile roundtrip roadtrip I was taking up north this holiday weekend with my brother and editor Jay. Jay was the driver, I was the front-seat passenger and my bro was in the backseat by himself. I present our thoughts about the Insight as a road trip car.

Jay: "The road noise didn't get out of control at freeway speeds as expected, not as big of an issue as I thought but there was wind noise at the A-pillars at freeway speeds. The Insight has a sports car ride but not sports car handling, choppy ride, with short travel. Most prominent thing on a long freeway trip is its directional stability, steering response around center. It's a subtle thing, a lot of drivers probably wouldn't notice that they're making constant corrections but I did. It's a mental drain on a long trip, requiring more concentration than otherwise. We had some crosswinds on the way up and that wasn't helping."

My brother (who's 5'9"): "I didn't mind the legroom when sitting behind Caroline [5'5"]. And the road noise didn't bother me. It was decently comfortable back there and I liked resting my head in that space between the headrests."

As for myself, I was so uncomfortable! The front-passenger seat was shaped in such a way that it felt like it was pushing into the center of my back while the headrest was angled pushing my head forward. I didn't want to tilt my seat too far back since I wanted my brother, who was sitting behind me, to have enough room. I took the couple times we stopped for food, gas, bathroom break as an opportunity to stretch my legs and my back. Even though the car required only one fuel-up each way, the extra stops were mandatory. As for the wind noise initially it was pretty irritating but over the long road trip I was able to block it out.

I did appreciate the extra storage space on the side door for holding my snacks, extra water bottle and my iPhone. And I liked being able to easily scroll through the playlists and songs on my iPod from the car's audio/nav screen. Interestingly enough, the recirc button was effective during drivebys of most of the cattle farms along I-5; all except the huge one near Coalinga. Blech.

Fuel economy for our trip (mostly highway miles) was 36.2 mpg; EPA estimate for highway mpg is 41.

Caroline Pardilla, Deputy Managing Editor @ 12,943 miles

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