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2009 Honda Fit: Time for Your Check-Up

February 01, 2010

2009 honda fit checkup

As Al reported last Friday, our Fit was in need of a B1 service. So today we dropped it off at Honda of Santa Monica to get the full treatment. Three hours later, we had our Fit back after an oil change, various inspections and a tire rotation.Cost: $142.16.

What did you pay for your last similar service?

Bryn MacKinnon, Senior Editor, Edmunds.com @ 20,930 miles

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2009 Honda Fit Sport: Service Due

January 29, 2010

Honda Fit service telltale.JPG

Our long-term 2009 Honda Fit recently turned 20,000 miles.

So, with 15% oil life remaining, it's asking for a B1service.What that entails is detailed below.

AlbertAustria, Senior Engineer @ 20,880 miles

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2009 Honda Fit Sport: 10,000-mile service

August 21, 2009


"This is our slowest day all year. We don't know why. See the four guys standing around outside trying to look busy? Those are our mechanics. Your Fit will be finished in no time" explained our service advisor at Honda of Santa Monica.

We delivered our 2009 Honda Fit Sport to address its 10,000-mile service. In Hondaspeak this is service A1. Itincludes the oil and filter change, tire rotation and various safety inspections. And in Santa Monica that sort of thing costs $85.41.

Upon handing over the keys we noticed a bubble on the sidewall of the right-front tire. We chose not to mention this to our advisor as a test. And the dealership passed, sort of. The tire rotation was completed, since the bubble moved to the right-rear position at the time of pick up. But the dealer apparently didn't notice the tire damage, since it was not brought to our attention.

In the meantime aspare tire was ordered through amore affordable channel than the dealership. We'll report how that goeswhen the replacement tire is mounted. For the time being we arerunning on the spare.

Mike Schmidt, Vehicle Testing Manager @ 10,587 miles

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2009 Honda Fit Sport: Maintenance Minder

August 19, 2009

2009 honda fit maintenance code

Our Fit is shining a little wrench at us. But unlike a lot of cars, it's also being helpful by 1) telling us the oil has 15% of its life left and 2) displaying a code to help us figure out what that little wrench means. I pulled out the owner's manual to decode the code: A=Oil change. 1=Rotate tires. Thank you, Fit! We'll make sure to take care of that.

Bryn MacKinnon, Senior Editor, Edmunds.com

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2009 Honda Fit Sport: Back on the Road

July 28, 2009


We reported a problem with door-ajar warning light onour 2009 Honda Fit Sport awhile back. No matter how hard (or softly) we closedeach door the light wouldn't turn off. And since one door registered open at all times, the remote lock wouldn't work either.

Our advisor at Honda of Santa Monica nodded aswe describedthe issue, "We are familiar with this complaint." We left the car. And an hour later the phone rang. We found Waldo, our advisor, at the other end of the line. Heexplained, "We performed a dome light circuit test and found the right front door switch to bebroken. The switch assembly will have to be ordered. But I expect to have it back together by tomorrow." This was yesterday.

This morning we got the call. Our Fitwas ready for pick up. So now we're back on the road.

Total Cost: None (work performed under warranty)

Days out of Service: 1

Mike Schmidt, Vehicle Testing Manager @ 9,570 miles

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