2009 Honda Fit Long-Term Road Test

2009 Honda Fit Sport: Will it Fit? (Canine Edition)

July 29, 2009


The last time we played "Will it Fit?", this boxy Honda swallowed a beer keg faster than a frat party in Death Valley. How will the Fit fare against a dog? A very large dog...


This is Soleil, a 120+ lb. Akita. Our first attempt at getting him into the trunk failed miserably as he immediately leapt over the seatbacks and took his customary position in the rear quarters. "Nobody puts baby in the corner," is what I imagined him saying as he stared me down.


Second attempt: success! And yes, Soleil fits in the Fit. We hurriedly got him out of there before he began eating the car. When I finally get my home cloning kit, I'm going to see how many Riswicks will fit in the Fit.

Mark Takahashi, Associate Editor @ 9,600 miles

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