2007 Honda Fit Long-Term Road Test

What really fits in a 2007 Honda Fit Sport?

April 14, 2008

2007 Honda Fit Sport. Photo by Joanne Helperin

I took our 2007 Honda Fit Sport to the relatives' this weekend, where I was bestowed with a hand-me-down vanity set for my young daughter. The obvious question: Could I get it home in this tiny economy car?

Fortunately, the answer was yes, The vanity, which was about 17" deep and twice as high, fit nicely behind the second row of seats when turned on its side. The stool tucked in as well...

We couldn't have lowered the rear seats even if we had wanted to, because then we'd have no way to get the kids home. But all four of us, with booster seats, the vanity and a couple of bags of swim clothes (sorry America, it was 95 degrees here on Sunday) fit into the Fit.

There was no room for anything else, though... I had to choose between the vanity set and the two large plastic storage boxes I also wanted to take. But I suppose you can't demand quite that much cargo room from such a diminutive vehicle.

-- Joanne Helperin, Senior Features Editor, Miles tba

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