2007 Honda Fit Long-Term Road Test

Fit Grumble: Poor Driving Position

December 20, 2006

OK, here's the one thing I really don't like about our Honda Fit (and you're sure to hear this from other editors as well): The steering wheel is mounted very close to the dash and it doesn't telescope. For someone like me, who's of average height (5-foot-10), this means you either need collapsible legs or super stretchy arms to find a comfortable driving position. Which is to say I've never found a truly comfortable driving position in the Fit.

Of course, the Fit occupies a price-sensitive part of the market, so I've tried to think of what other amenities I'd be willing to give up to get a telescoping steering wheel...

Cruise control? Nah, I get fussy on long road trips. Perhaps the lower skirts on our Sport trim model? Probably not, since the Fit looks naked without them. The MP3 player jack? Definitely not.

Evidently, slight discomfort is the only thing for it.

Erin Riches, Senior Content Editor

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