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2013 Ford Focus ST: Teaching My Parents MyFord Touch

July 26, 2013

 Ford Focus ST

My parents recently bought a car with MyFord Touch and as luck would have it, I was visiting when they took delivery. This gave me the opportunity to give my folks, and especially my mom, an Intro to MyFord Touch lesson. It's the most likely feature to cause headaches and although they bought a 2013 Escape 2.0 SEL and not a Focus ST, the experience would've been the same.

Thankfully, my mother doesn't have a Bluetooth cell phone and doesn't use her iPod in the car thus eliminating two of the more complicated functions. Instead, it was just a matter of explaining how MyFord Touch basically works, and specifically the four home screen quadrants that correspond to different functions.

She was especially happy to find the compass located in the spot where the navigation system would be in so-equipped cars like our Focus. Really, the main goal was teaching her how to find a radio station (the tune button or the Direct Tune function in the touchscreen) and then how to program it into presets ("just press down on the touch button until it acknowledges being saved, just like in your CR-V").

My father does have an iPhone, however, which he needed to pair (and figure out how to sync his music to, but that's an entirely different story). I will say this about MyFord Touch: it makes pairing a phone a lot easier than it was in Sync V1.0 found in my dad's old Fusion Sport. The full-size touchscreen makes a big difference. As he's rented cars with MyFord Touch before, he had already figured out the basics I showed mom. He's a tad more technologically inclined, but I still managed to show him features he didn't know about like Direct Tune and Bluetooth Audio.

So far I've heard nothing but rave reviews about their new Escape. My mom hasn't reported any headaches in using that mean old MyFord Touch system (sarcasm), which is good because I was fully prepared for comments along the lines of "This isn't as easy to use as my Honda."

To me, this says two things. First, MyFord Touch isn't that bad, especially when you have limited experience with other high-tech interfaces. Second, a really thorough tutorial about your new car is invaluable and is something few people get. A friend of mine went four years before realizing that her driver seat was height adjustable. We recommend going back to the dealership after two or three days to have such a tutorial done since you'll likely have questions and with some of the initial new-car excitement worn off, you're in a better mindset to learn than you'd be right at delivery.

Or you could just have your auto journalist son pop over.

James Riswick, Automotive Editor

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