2013 Ford Focus ST Long-Term Road Test

2013 Ford Focus ST: One Year Later, Would I Still Buy One?

October 17, 2013

2013 Ford Focus ST

Shortly after we bought our long-term 2013 Ford Focus ST, I came to the conclusion that it was probably the car I would buy if I didn't do what I do. It would officially be replacing the Volkswagen GTI as the car I'd spend my hard-earned hypothetical dollars on.

One year later, though, I've reverted to my previous choice.

Now, I wouldn't say that I would've regretted my decision had I actually purchased a Focus ST a year ago. It's still a great car that presents a good balance between sport and practicality. However, there are things about it I've experienced since then that have put me back again in Camp GTI.

Chiefly, I think that despite its balanced nature, the Focus ST nevertheless skews a little too far into the frenetic side of the hot hatch equation to be my ideal daily driver. The power is a tad over the top leading to torque steer, the steering is a tad too sharp when cruising along on the highway and those Recaro seats I love so much for driving are just too confining when I've been a passenger. The manual transmission also isn't as pleasant to use as the GTI's.

Note I'm using words like "tad" a lot. I'm not looking for a Cadillac Fleetwood here (that would be Magrath, literally) but turning the sport dial to the left a tad (there it is again) would be more my cup of Orange Pekoe. And indeed, the car that would do that is the Volkswagen GTI. Sure, I couldn't get fun colors like Tangerine Scream or Performance Blue, but the seats are plaid and for a lad with Scottish grandmothers, that counts for a lot.

James Riswick, Automotive Editor

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By cuselancer17
on 10/17/13
12:22 PM PST

DO MORE OF THESE!!! WOULD YOU BUY ONE?? THE WHOLE FLEET! I love the long term blogs, but really.. isn't this the point? To tell the consumers if you would buy one or not?

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