Fuel Economy Update for March - 2013 Ford Focus ST Long-Term Road Test

2013 Ford Focus ST Long-Term Road Test

2013 Ford Focus ST: Fuel Economy for March

April 2, 2013

2013 Ford Focus ST

During the month of March we put 1,482 miles on our 2013 Ford Focus ST. We must've been having even more fun in this little turbo hatchback than usual, because we averaged just 20.4 mpg for the month on 91 octane premium.

That's almost 3 mpg below what we averaged last month, and it brought our average lifetime mpg down to 21.7 from the previous 22.0. Of course, 21.7 mpg is also well under the EPA's 26.0 combined mpg rating.

The drop in fuel economy can be traced to a significant amount of city driving during the month, along with some hard canyon charging. Hey, we gotta drive the car the way it was intended, right?

Worst Fill MPG: 13.3
Best Fill MPG: 30.2
Average Lifetime MPG: 21.7
EPA MPG Rating (City/Highway Combined): 23/32/26
Best Range: 309.1 miles
Current Odometer: 9,249 miles

Mike Monticello, Road Test Editor @ 9,249 miles


  • jpnpower jpnpower Posts:

    Wow this thing drinks fuel compared to the FReShBReeZe.

  • socal_eric socal_eric Posts:

    I have to run the numbers again but the rough average in my ST for the last ~7k miles has been in the 24-26 mpg range with a mix of driving that includes a lot of highway and not much city stop-and-go. It seems easily capable of breaking 30 on the highway but put your foot into it and like most small displacement turbo fours the ST will suck down the gas. One of the only turbocharged fours I’ve owned that you could romp on from stoplights and onramps and still get great mileage was my '08 Cobalt SS Turbo (also noted in Insideline’s review). When stock it consistently averaged 27-29 mpg in the same driving conditions. For a comparison the new ST is getting about the same mileage I see from my Neon SRT-4 in mixed driving and a touch better than the Neon does on the highway.

  • sharpend sharpend Posts:

    Must say that the MPG is a bit disappointing. It will be interesting to see how the Fiesta ST compares.

  • bassrockerx bassrockerx Posts:

    omg 20mpg i would die! i know its fun but damn that would hurt the wallet!

  • bassrockerx bassrockerx Posts:

    like why not get a mustang v6 and get better gas milage and rwd!

  • fordson1 fordson1 Posts:

    They came right out and said they drove it a lot in the city and they beat on it. Why does that not register with people? Let's see...the Carrera Cab is now averaging 22.7 mpg, compared to the FR-S with 24.3 mpg. Wow - I guess that means a 3,250-lb. car with a 350-hp flat six can get almost the same mileage as a 2900-lb. car with a 200-hp four! Where do I sign up? Wait...but before they took the Carrera to NYC on the highway it was averaging under 17? You mean driving conditions have something to do with it?!!!!

  • gloss gloss Posts:

    Defensive much?

  • fordson1 fordson1 Posts:

    I don't own one - I'm just surprised people don't take stuff like that into consideration when appraising mpg. And that "XXX much" usage is so 2009. Maybe it's time for a newer ungrammatical buzz-term - ?

  • flybigrc flybigrc Posts:

    I have owned my 2013 ST since November 2012 (8200 miles driven) I log every fuel purchase and I am getting on average 27mpg. The conditions are 85% Highway at an average speed of 72mph and 15% city (stop and go) driving. I recently drove to Chicago from St. Louis and at 74 mph I averaged 30.59 mpg. This was all using 91-93 octance, the trip to was 300 miles.

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