Ford Makes Cars? - 2013 Ford Focus ST Long-Term Road Test

2013 Ford Focus ST Long Term Road Test

2013 Ford Focus ST: Ford Makes Cars?

June 24, 2013

2013 Ford Focus ST

Out of nowhere, my 12-year-old daughter asked, "This is a Ford?"

"Yes," I answered. "Why do you sound so surprised?"

"It's just not what I picture when I think of Ford," she responded.

"Well, what do you picture?" I asked.

"Trucks. Big trucks. Or SUVs. Not sporty little zippy cars," she answered.

"Well, who makes sporty little zippy cars?" I asked.

"Hyundai. Or Kia. Maybe Honda," she said.

Now, if we lived in Michigan instead of Southern California, her answers would likely be very different.

Kelly Toepke, News Editor @ 11,795 miles


  • duck87 duck87 Posts:

    I'm not sure why you think it would be different in Michigan. Here we have trucks. Big trucks. Or SUVS. Not sporty little zippy cars. We do have Mustangs, but they hardly qualify as "little". Also- Hyundai/Kia? In what universe are their cars considered sporty/zippy?

  • seppoboy seppoboy Posts:

    Or maybe the answer would not be so different, at a Ford dealership. I have stopped by two different Ford dealerships, with serious interest to buy a Focus equipped to my satisfaction. Even after the near-death experience of 2008, these dealerships didn't get it. Sales reps were dismissive of my interest in their cars, and were eager to put me in an F150 or Explorer, especially one already on their lot. We already have an older F150, thankyouverymuch, and those comments that "those are for college kids and young ladies, you belong in one of these..." showed contempt for the Ford business strategy, as well as potential customers. They like moving the heavy metal, more commissions, and I understand that, but sheesh...

  • stever stever Posts:

    I'm currently living in the UP of Michigan and my neighbor's Edge is about as sporty as it gets. All the Ford trucks do look zippier this time of year - their plows are off for a few months.

  • Ha! Nice job, E!

  • agentorange agentorange Posts:

    @seppoboy BTDT. Nothing gets my hackles up quicker than a car salesman telling ME what I want, or that I cannot cross-shop between the vehicles I have in mind. Grrrr.

  • stovt001_ stovt001_ Posts:

    I've had my share of sleezy dealer experiences, but wow, I thought salesmen trying to put you into a truck and saying the car you want is just for little ladies was a tired hollywood cliche. Scary stuff.

  • darthbimmer darthbimmer Posts:

    I don't get the "Ford = trucks" mentality. Not in 2013, anyway. Ten years ago, the only domestic cars you'd see on the road in California were rentals. Domestic did equal truck at that time. But cars have made a resurgence as gas prices have remained high, and Ford has come out with cars that are strong competitors in their segments. When I was shopping for a compact car last year, Ford dealers never tried to steer me to a truck. A few salesmen did suggest I consider a Fusion instead of a Focus for more room but that was fine.

  • fordson1 fordson1 Posts:

    I think the Focus ST/Fiesta ST twins are building a whole new image for Ford cars. There is for sure no Cruze/Sonic/Dart equivalent to them, shopping domestic nameplates, and the Focus ST is a worthy competitor to the MS3 and GTI, talking foreign brands. The Fiesta ST is going to offer performance equal to or better than the MINI Cooper S and Fiat Abarth for less money.

  • duck87 duck87 Posts:

    One thing to remember are that all dealerships are NOT created equally, so you get absolute scumbags in one and competent sales and service staff in another. They're independently run or managed by companies far removed from the automakers.

  • jederino jederino Posts:

    If this kind of thing happened, seppoboy, then dealerships are making the case themselves that their government-sponsored monopolies should end.

  • stovt001_ stovt001_ Posts:

    I did one time have a salesman at a Chevy/Pontiac/Buick dealership try to sell me on a Buick. This was back in the Lucerne era, and I was in my early 20s. Worst. Salesman. Ever.

  • greenpony greenpony Posts:

    Hopefully you took the opportunity to give your 12 year old a lesson in the long list of sporty cars NOT made by Hyundai, Kia, or "maybe Honda".

  • dw_fit1 dw_fit1 Posts:

    I live in Michigan, in the Detroit area with many Ford employees living around me. Ford cars are the rarity here too; its F-150s, SUVs and CUVs.

  • petejosh petejosh Posts:

    Please. Never happened. Can you say, "contrived"?

  • petejosh petejosh Posts:

    This conversation never happened. It's an invention.

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