2008 Dodge Grand Caravan Long Term Road Test

2008 Dodge Grand Caravan: No Duh.

October 28, 2008


I've got to admit, I've gotten old. When I drive around I listen to talk radio almost exclusively. When I was younger, I thought talk radio was a waste of time. Back then I just wanted to blast AC/DC, now I want to hear a debate over the pros and cons of a high speed rail line.

Well it so happens on my way out to Fontana this afternoon they were talking about the Big Three and a proposed bail-out loan for them. Deep into this discussion they bring on a guy talking about reliability ratings and how Ford has gone up, GM has gone both up and down, while Dodge has taken a nose dive, citing the Sebring and their "line of minivans" as the worst of the worst from the maker.

Really? I can't imagine. Nearly all of the posts on our site regarding this vehicle are negative in some way.

I do, however love this minivan in one respect: it's got plenty of power. Nearly every stop-light on the way out to Fontana I was stuck at, I chirped the tires big time at the green lights, especially when the tires were on a painted surface. It was great to see the reactions of people not used to a minivan blowing their doors off the line.

Scott Jacobs, Senior Photographer

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