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2009 Dodge Challenger: For Those Who Actually Listen to the Radio

August 26, 2009

challenger radio.jpg

I have an issue with the radio controls in our 2009 Dodge Challenger. I know, I know. Who needs a radio when you have a perfectly good V8 to listen to? But for those times when you want to switch it up, wouldn't you want to be able to scroll through the radio stations or satellite channels? For some reason I can't figure out how to do that here. The radio controls only offer a knob for volume and sure there are seek buttons, but on the display you can't tell which channel you're landing on. Aarrrrgh!

The steering wheel controls offer the same seek buttons and at least you get the display with station names on the screen behind the steering wheel but what if your passenger wants to be the dj?


The owner's manual mentioned something about a tuning button but do you see one in the first picture above? On the Dodge Web site, though, they do show a picture of a radio setup that has two knobs. OK, we don't have that one so now what?

Eff it. Radio off, windows down.

Caroline Pardilla, Deputy Managing Editor @ 9,943 miles

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