Fried My iPhone - 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Long-Term Road Test

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Long-Term Road Test

2014 Chevy Corvette Stingray: Fried My iPhone

November 14, 2013

2014 Chevy Corvette Stingray

As soon as Kurt and Dan got back from their road trip, I made up some excuse to steal our new long-term 2014 Corvette for a long time.

On day 2, the C7 and its MyLink infotainment system fried my iPhone.

Halfway through my second day with the car, with the iPhone (5, IOS7) plugged into the USB input, the screen displayed what you see above. Music kept playing for a bit, and then it displayed this.

2014 Chevy Corvette Stingray

And then the music stopped.

I figured it was just a glitch so I unplugged the USB and plugged it back in. That didn't fix it. Then I looked at my iPhone and the screen was frozen on the music player. Nothing responded and the phone was unreasonably hot to the touch. I unplugged the phone and let the battery die. When I booted it up, everything seemed to be working fine, but it was getting hot-to-the touch every time I charged it. I did a factory wipe of the phone and reinstalled everything which seems to have cleared everything up. I've yet to hear of anyone in the office having the phone overheat, but there have been reports of it failing to play audio over USB.

Yes yes, I should have used a USB drive, yadda yadda. But this system is designed to play music off of a portable device and an iPhone is a portable music-playing device. It should work.

As for using Bluetooth? No. I want to be able to select artist/playlist/album, not just move the tracks forward and backward.

Mike Magrath, Features Editor @ 2,819 miles


  • quadricycle quadricycle Posts:

    Right, so you don't want to put up with the inconvenience of Bluetooth, but you've got the time to have your phone freeze, let it die, reset it, and reinstall everything?

  • fordson1 fordson1 Posts:

    Yeah I use SD cards and USB sticks...but this should work correctly. BT audio...still not quite there, sound-quality-wise. Once you pay the extra for the higher-end car sound system, using BT audio is a waste of the resource. And BT audio doesn't allow much control of the player. A USB connection doesn't work right using a mainstream smartphone with this car? Something's not right.

  • yellowbal yellowbal Posts:

    It sounds like a phone problem.

  • goaterguy goaterguy Posts:

    Has anyone else with an iPhone reported this problem? Simply stating that the Corvette fried your iPhone may be a catchy title but also somewhat ignorant as iPhones are known to have problems too. I know the apple store has replaced mine twice.

  • Sounds like the iPhone not the Vette was the problem. Carmakers' device interface leans heavily on Apple's side. Most of them only work with iPhones and won't work at all with Android devices. BTW if you hold the sleep/wake button and the home button together for about 5 seconds it will force the phone to turn off. Just like pressing and holding the power button on your PC.

  • stovt001_ stovt001_ Posts:

    I've had an ipod touch have a power regulation failure that led to overheating. I doubt the car is at fault, especially if it is only your phone.

  • Can you briefly try the bluetooth just to see how the sound quality matches up? In my Jeep the Bt sound is awful (ucomnect) but plugged in it is great. Thanks

  • nukedetroit nukedetroit Posts:

    Obviously a GM problem.

  • sharpend sharpend Posts:

    Sheesh, iPhones are for girls who don't know any better.

  • greenpony greenpony Posts:

    desmolicious, Bluetooth vs USB is the same in my Focus. Sound quality with Bluetooth is noticeably poor, but sound quality plugged into USB is acceptable.

  • jriseden jriseden Posts:

    FYI - You can hold down both the home button and the power button on an iPhone to perform a hardware reset on the device. It will take anywhere from 20-60 seconds, but it should reboot.

  • Why do you think they call it a Lightning connector? (Insert Rimshot)

  • nukedetroit nukedetroit Posts:

    Let's consider the track records of the companies involved here: Apple - innovative, products adored by billions, never needed a government bailout GM - died in 2008 due to lagging demand for substandard goods, salvaged by federal largesse, hasn't been innovative in 40 years, continued poor quality, relies on the likes of Daewoo to design cars. Yeah, right... this is an Apple problem, sure.

  • socal_eric socal_eric Posts:

    Great title for the blog post. Surely the device connected couldn't possibly have had a glitch and it much have been the car's infotainment system at fault. While I like my Apple products, they're pretty easy to use and relatively bug free compared to other phones and music players, they're not perfect.

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