Happy To Be in Sunny California - 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Long-Term Road Test

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Long-Term Road Test

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray: Happy To Be in Sunny California

December 17, 2013

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

I was taking a break and sitting on my couch and watching TV on a recent Sunday. Between the NFL's Week 14 "Snow Fest" and news videos of icy roads and skidding cars, it seemed like a pretty unpleasant time to be out and about.

Well, if you lived in the Midwest or East Coast, that is. Meanwhile in Southern California, it was another ideal day to drive our 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

If I owned our long-term Stingray, and I lived on the East Coast or Midwest, it would have been neatly tucked away and garaged during that weekend. Heck, I'm sure there are Corvette owners who just park their cars for the entire winter. If it was my daily driver, having a set of snow tires would be a requirement in my opinion.

But here in Southern California, you can drive a Corvette pretty much 365 days a year and not worry about weather. With 460 horsepower and newfound handling agility, the Stingray is one car that I'd want to drive as much as possible.

Brent Romans, Senior Automotive Editor

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