2008 BMW X5 Long Term Road Test

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2008 BMW X5: Solid at One Hundred and Forty Something MPH

February 24, 2009

CotW_04 copy.jpg X5.speedo.jpg

Professional driver. Closed course. Hey you stupid, don't try this at home.

Fourthings. One: The X5 is dead stable at these speeds, although there is a fair amount of wind noise. Two: No Tahoe or Flex or Enclave or SRX or Durango can approach a buck fifty, so there's still something special about the X5 and other performance minded German utes like the Cayenne. Although I'm sure a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 could swing it. Three: It was a steep downhill. Four: With my foot to the floor, the computer said mileage at this velocity was 7 mpg.

Scott Oldham, Inside Line Editor in Chief

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