We Went to Montana, Part 3 - 2011 BMW 528i Long-Term Road Test

2011 BMW 5 Series Long Term Road Test

2011 BMW 528i: We Went to Montana, Part 3

July 18, 2011


Early in the trip, in a slightly seedy section of North Las Vegas, this happened.



Our long-term 2011 BMW 528i came due for its first oil change... and then 900 miles later, I took a picture. By the time, we were back in L.A., the car was 2,600 miles past due. Needless to say, a service visit is first on the to-do list this week and I'll of course tell you how it went.

I actually tried to get it in for an oil change during my trip, but it turns out there's no BMW dealership in Missoula, Montana (the nearest major city to my destination), and the next closest dealers -- Boise, ID; Idaho Falls, ID and Calgary, Alberta -- just weren't convenient. Actually, a side trip to Calgary sounded like a fun detour, but my passport was one of the things I forgot when packing for this trip.

I carefully monitored the oil level during the trip, and I even had a quart of BMW-approved Euro formula Mobil 1 0W40 that my significant other picked up on his most recent run to America's favorite big box retailer. (Yup, so thoughtful. That's why he's a keeper.) But I never needed to add any the whole trip, though the electronically monitored oil level did drop from well over the halfway mark (between max and min) to right at the halfway mark.

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