2011 BMW 5 Series Long Term Road Test

2011 BMW 528i: Radio On

May 12, 2011

BMW 528 Radio.jpg

The radio is on. And it doesn't want to shut off in our long-term 2011 BMW 528i, even after you cut the ignition. The radio doesn't die til you lock the doors. And because of this, I can't even tell if the ignition is off unless I look at the tach.

Now I understand this feature may come in handy when you bring that superfox to Make-Out Point. But for me it's a bit annoying for everyday use, such as when you have to retrieve your gear from the backseat before you go inside.

At least I got to share JLo with my neighbors.

Re-enactment vid on the jump.

Albert Austria, Senior VE Engineer @ 11,800 miles

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