2011 BMW 5 Series Long Term Road Test

2011 BMW 528i: Keyless Entry Not So Keyless

January 03, 2011


Those ridges on the door handle of our 528i indicate that it has the "Comfort Access" option, a feature that allows you to lock and unlock the doors without using the key fob. Plenty of cars have this feature and they all work a bit differently.

I prefer to have a button, while BMW likes the idea of masking the feature with these subtle ridges. Great, except that it doesn't work all the time. To unlock the doors, the owner's manual says to just grasp the handle. Sounds easy enough, but I've done that numerous times and nothing has happened, after the second or third squeeze I just pull out the damn fob.

Don't remember our M3 being so touchy about unlocking the doors. And for the record, I generally like these systems, when they work right of course.

Ed Hellwig, Editor, Inside Line

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