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2011 BMW 528i: I'd Buy This Instead

August 24, 2011

2003 BMW M5.jpg

Let's say I had the $60,500 needed to purchase our long-term BMW 528i. If you've been following any of my posts regarding this car, you'd know there's no way in hell I'd use that money in such a manner. But let's get really hypothetical for a moment and say that I would still NEED to spend that money on a BMW. What would I do?

Well, I'd buy an E39 M5. And let's be really specific and say that I'd buy this 2003 BMW M5 with only 13,797 miles on the clock, Titanium Silver on the outside and LeMans Blue interior. I could easily be swayed by this one as well. Either one would be about $40,000.

So, that's a difference of $20,000. I'd use that remainder to pay off the extra $1,550 extra bucks per year it would cost to fill up, along with any scary BMW maintenance and repair costs that may arrise (though the good boys at Summit Automotive should help with those somewhat). I still think I'd have a lot left over, so maybe I'd plant a few trees to offset the CO2 and maybe a snazzy keychain. Sure, I'd have to deal with ye olde navigation system that drove me nuts in our M3, but then that's nothing like the aggrivation I feel every time I drive the 528i. Nor is enough to counteract the fun I'd have in the M5.

I rest my case.

James Riswick, Automotive Editor @ 19,228 miles

The M5.jpg

BMW M5 Interior.jpg

M5 Imola Red.jpg

M5 Imola Red Interior.jpg

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