2012 Honda Civic - Edmunds Ratings

2012 Honda Civic Hybrid (1.5L 4-cyl. Hybrid CVT Automatic w/Nav)
Date Driven: 7/12/2011
Performance Even with a full battery, the Civic Hybrid is frustratingly slow from 0-30 mph and requires full throttle to keep up with traffic in this speed range. From there on out, though, acceleration is acceptable for most drivers.
Driving Dynamics While low-rolling resistance tires limit ultimate grip, the Civic Hybrid drives like a Honda Civic should and feels light and responsive and, dare we say, fun.
Ride Comfort Extremely comfortable ride that is neither floaty nor harsh. Excellent isolation over rough pavement. Secure highway ride.
Quietness Tire noise and engine drone dominate the cabin at most speeds.
Ergonomics The interior is simple almost to a fault. Buttons are clearly labeled, well positioned and offer satisfying confirmation when pressed.
Visibility Blind spots are minimal. Those who prefer to see the front of their vehicle will be put off by the long dash and far away windshield.
Seat Access & Space Front-seat access is perfectly standard for this class of car and the seats are wide and comfortable. Rear space is exceptional even for tall passengers.
Cargo & Storage Components for the hybrid system take up most of the cargo space leaving only 10.7 cubic feet left for your belongings.
Build Quality There are no glaring issues, the 2012 Civic does represent a step backward in interior materials for Honda.

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