2012 Ford Mustang - Edmunds Ratings

2012 Ford Mustang GT (5.0L V8 6-speed Manual)
Date Driven: 1/11/2011 (2011 GT 5.0L manual)
Performance For 2011, the addition of the 5.0 V8 to the Mustang GT helps reestablish the Stang as a benchmark performance car. It's now as quick or quicker than all its major competitors in a straight line. Even the V6 offers more than 300 hp.
Driving Dynamics Despite its solid rear axle, the Mustang is a truly rewarding car to drive quickly on all roads. Sure, it could be better with IRS, but for the money, it's a tough-to-beat package.
Ride Comfort Overall ride quality in the GT is on the stiff side, but still adequate as a daily driver. Performance enthusiasts won't mind. V6 models with the performance package share similar ride quality.
Quietness Road and wind noise aren't obtrusive in the GT. Fortunately, inside the Mustang GT, the real story is about the good sound rather than the bad. Its engine note is clear and obvious at wide-open throttle. And it sounds good.
Ergonomics The lack of a telescoping steering wheel can make finding a comfortable driving position difficult for some drivers. Otherwise, most controls are placed well and relatively intuitive to use. SYNC works well as a multimedia interface.
Visibility Forward visibility is quite good out of the Mustang but rear-quarter visibility, as with most coupes, could be better. Nothing extraordinarily bad here, just plan on using the mirrors.
Seat Access & Space Like most sport coupes, the front seats of the Mustang are adequate and the rears are largely reserved for short trips with adults or as a kids-only environment. The driver seat is six-way adjustable. Heated seats are optional.
Cargo & Storage A relatively small trunk and little overall storage space characterize the Mustang's emphasis on sportiness over utility. There are small door pockets and minimal center console storage. No small-items tray.
Build Quality We've driven many 2011 and newer Mustangs and have yet to experience problems with assembly quality. Certainly, the Mustang GT isn't a car which gets Ford's best materials, but paint quality and interior materials are price appropriate.

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