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Chrysler sold 99,600 units in August 2010, up 8.9% compared to August 2009 and up 8.0% from July 2010. Keep in mind that Chrysler sales are heavily weighted towards truck/minivan/SUV sales more so than any other BIG 6 automaker; therefore, comparisons to last year's August show little relevance as Cash for Clunkers weighted sales more towards cars.

Overall Chrysler sales are still leaning more towards the 2010 model year, a bit behind the industry average for model year mix.

Sales of the redesigned Jeep Grand Cherokee are at the second highest they have been all year at 6,393. Not all sales this month come from the redesigned model. 2010 model year sales are estimated at close to one third of all Grand Cherokee sales, while the other two thirds being sold are the redesigned 2011 model year Grand Cherokees.

Jeep brand's 25,706 units for August are the highest sales since June of 2008. Achieving this high point in sales isn't solely the work of Grand Cherokee. Credit can also be attributed to Liberty sales (highest since May of 2008) and Patriot (its second best month of 2010).

Chrysler's best sellers:




Ford sold 157,300 units in August 2010, down 11.7%compared to August 2009 and down 4.6%from July 2010. August sales for Ford do not include Volvo for 2010, but comparisons to July 2010 and August 2009 do.

Ford also takes back second place from Toyota. Last month Toyota beat Ford by 4,328 units, but this month Ford shows up Toyota by 8,939 units. Year-to-date numbers also reveal that Ford is ahead by 110,774 units.

Ford displays a relatively healthy mix of model year sales, trailing the industry by just a few percentage points on 2011 model year sales.

Ford Fiesta sales this month were 3,315. This is a tick below last month's 3,349 deliveries. In August, Ford had another setback with delivery dates-the first instance was due to hurricanes in Mexico-this time, a quality issue was the culprit for Fiesta. Every consumer who pre-ordered a Fiesta will be receiving a $50 gift card from Ford even if his or her vehicle arrives on time.

As usual, Ford sells the most large trucks.




GM sold 185,100 units in August 2010, down 24.4% compared to August 2009 and down 7.3% from July 2010. Note that we are still including GM's non-core brands for comparisons to last year.

From April 2010 onward, GM has been releasing the exact number of fleet sales (only by overall, not by brand or model). Below is how they are tracking.

Buick sold 14,294 vehicles during August, the second highest result in the last two years. The highest was last month's 16,802.

Chevrolet Equinox is selling at a very quick pace, only 14 Days-To-Turn (DTT) for 2010 model year and a mere 5 DTT for the 2011. Sales were 10,538 units, slightly more than last month's 9,869. Even better news can be said about the GMC Terrain with 12 DTT on 2010 model year and the lowest in the industry 4 DTT on the 2011. Same story on the sales front, 4,189 units for August which is better than last month's 3,788.

Chevrolet's Camaro wins the muscle car segment.

GM's best sellers:




Honda sold 108,700 units in August 2010, down 32.3% from August 2009 and down 3.3% from July 2010.

Traditionally, Honda doesn't begin selling the next model year as quickly as most other automakers so, the chart below can be taken with a grain of salt.

Honda's top three sellers are shown below. All three have some rather dramatic declines from last year's stellar performance with Cash for Clunkers.

Honda's Civic is the compact car segment winner.

Honda's CR-Z also went on sale during August, pulling in 694 sales.




Nissan sold 76,900 units in August 2010, down 26.6% from August 2009 and down 6.7% from July 2010.

It was another month of record-high incentives-spending with a TCI of $2,959. This puts Nissan above the TCI industry average of $2,681 by 10.4%. It is one of only nine times (since January 2002) that Nissan has ever spent more than the industry average. Much of this has to do with their 2010 model year sales as depicted below.

Nissan's spending is almost perfectly in line with the industry average, unlike their model year mix, hence the overall higher-than-average industry TCI.

Nissan's entry into the "Box Car" segment, the Cube, had its worst-ever month of sales.

On a positive note, Infiniti QX56's sales of 1,249 are the second highest numbers since December 2007.




Toyota sold 148,400 units in August 2010, down 34.1% from August 2009 and down 12.3% from July 2010.

Toyota launches the next model year of vehicles very early (we began to see 2011s on sale in February); therefore it comes as no surprise that Toyota 2011 model year sales are higher than the industry average.

Toyota is not giving consumers a more favorable mix of incentives-spending on their 2010 model year vehicles, which are almost at the same amount for 2011s. The industry and consumers alike expect higher discounts on older model year inventory.

Camry posted the best midsize car sales with 30,765 units during August. Comparisons to last year look laughable for most automakers in midsize sedan offerings, except for Hyundai's redesigned Sonata.




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