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Nissan Highlights

Nissan sold 82,337 units in July 2010, up 15.8% from July 2009 and up 27.5% from June 2010. This month was also the highest TCISM for Nissan ever at $2,839. Leasing made up the largest chunk of Nissan's business. Nearly one third of all transactions were leases.

Nissan also had a very high percent of their vehicles sold to fleet/rental, nearly 46%.

Nissan's top three sellers are shown here. Rogue sales are the only highlight for Nissan's top three, selling an additional 62% more vehicles than last year.

One of Nissan's newest vehicles, Cube, is not performing well within the "Box Car" segment.



Toyota Highlights

Toyota sold 169,254 units in July 2010, down 3.2% from July 2009 but up 20.4% from June 2010. Toyota takes third place in sales, while Ford holds onto second. The gap between these two automakers is less than one thousand units for July. Over the last few months Ford had been beating Toyota by 30K for June and 28K for May.

Toyota's top three sellers during July are shown here.

Toyota did extremely well within the compact car and midsize car markets.

Lexus HS 250h sales were very low for July, checking in at 165. This is a down 73% from last month and the lowest ever-only the SC sold less units for Lexus.

The freshened Toyota Avalon is not selling well-only 2,815 units for July, down from last month's 2,833.



Honda Highlights

Honda sold 112,437 units in July 2010, down 1.9%from July 2009 and up 5.4%from June 2010.

Honda's top three sellers are shown here. Only CR-V sold more units this year versus last year. This is once again due to the pull-ahead effect placed on gas-efficient vehicles from the Cash for Clunkers program.

Acura had their highest sales figures since August of 2008. This was heavily weighted towards MDX sales which is traditionally Acura's best selling model. MDX and TSX sales were also the highest since August 2008. Even the controversially styled ZDX had its best month ever. Too bad it was only 578 units.

While Honda only had four models with sales increases (Odyssey, Pilot, CR-V and Ridgeline), all of Acura's models had sales increases, expect the TL which only fell 9.1%.

Honda had a victory in the compact SUV segment-CR-V was the best seller.



Chrysler Highlights

Chrysler sold 93,313 units in July 2010, up 6.1% compared to July 2009 and up 1.2% from June 2010.

Chrysler's top three sellers are shown here. This July, Chrysler doubled sales of Wrangler over last year. This month's 10,043 are the best since June of 2007.

Sales of the Jeep Grand Cherokee checked in at 5,407. This is a mix of both the redesigned version as well as the old. In the coming months we should see this figure rise. In turn we'll see Jeep, as a brand, hit some record highs. Already this month's 26,466 units are enough to be the best sales since June of 2008.

Chrysler as a whole wins for the minivan segment, but on an individual nameplate basis both Honda and Toyota beat the Chrysler offerings.



Ford Highlights

Ford sold 170,208 units in July 2010, up 6.8% compared to July 2009 and down 0.3% from June 2010. Note that we include Volvo sales with Ford as a manufacturer; in the future we will not do so due to Ford's recent completed sale of Volvo.

Ford's top three sellers are shown here. Note that Focus sales last year were unusually high due to Cash for Clunkers' late July impact.

Recent Explorer site traffic has pegged the consideration meter at 40% of midsize traditional SUV and boosted the Ford manufacturer level consideration to 18% for the past week which is far better than their 13% average for the year. As for sales of Explorer, the 4,763 units for July are nothing to rave about and Ford will have to wait until next year until we see Explorer sales take off.

Fiesta has been a hit on our site with consideration at 17% for the segment. Sales were 3,349. Last month Ford sold 1,028 of these small cars.

Mercury sales were the second-worst for the entire year. This is to be expected as the brand is being dissolved and there will be no Mercury make after this year. Once Mercury is gone Ford will only comprise of Lincoln and Ford.

Muscle car sales are shown here. The winner, once again, is Ford, but this time the margin has slipped to a mere three units. Also note the Challenger's lack of sales last year. The release date was one month before and supply was constrained.



GM Highlights

GM sold 199,342 units in July 2010, up 6.2% compared to July 2009 and up 2.7% from June 2010. GM is not counting their non-core brands from last year in their press release in order to make sales for this year look better in a year-over-year comparison.

GM's top three selling vehicles are shown here and are exactly the same as last year. However, their Silverado truck sales are well ahead in a year-over year comparison, keeping in mind that Cash for Clunkers was ramping up in late July.

Buick's Regal is finally beginning to pickup sales. Buick sold 1,703 Regals up from last month's 321 units. It is safe to assume the shipments from Germany are making their way over a little quicker.

Buick's other recent sales success is the LaCrosse. The 7,047 units sold in July are the best since August of 2006.

Cadillac had a notable moment. The redesigned SRX recorded a nameplate record of 5,723 units moved. This eclipses their previous record of 4,986 during December of 2009.

That wraps up our market intelligence and analytics for this month's newsletter. We hope you found the information useful in terms of strategy and planning for your dealership!




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