Dealer Insight Newsletter January 2011

The 2011 Edmunds Facelift

As technology, devices and access speeds have advanced, along with constantly changing consumer behaviors, Web companies are compelled to continually evolve. Since 1996 has gone through numerous facelifts and redesigns. On December 9, 2010 completed launching its much anticipated full-site redesign. Considering there were nearly a million and a half active content pages you could imagine the task. Kudos to the design and IT teams!

It's interesting to look at the evolution of an Internet Icon.

First Generation: Print publication brought to the Web.





Second Generation: "The logo" and graphical homepage. Site traffic builds to over 3,000,000 per month during 2002.





Third Generation: Site traffic begins to explode, from 4 million to over 10 million unique users per month.





2010 Site Redesign: Our now "legacy" homepage had a high watermark of over 16 million unique users per month.





As you can see, through the years the homepage grew considerably, providing access to most of the site's content. The redesign homepage, however, is radical in its simplicity. As dealers, I believe this new design will be a beneficial one as it directs shoppers to the core of the business-researching and pricing out a new car.

The good news is that the early results are off to a great start. With only a few bugs, performance of the site is better and quicker. Overall speed is up about 30%. Page views are up about 20% and time spent per shopper has also increased. Edmunds staff continues to enhance the consumer shopping patterns as more and more traffic comes in through "side doors" due to Edmunds' substantially increased prominence on Google and the strong presence of Edmunds and InsideLine social media properties. Little bit of a dealer alert here: In researching this article I've noticed that many people on Edmunds' social media pages are LOOKING TO BUY CARS! You should check them out and try to leverage that power with your store.








Comments from consumers have been positive:


In this article I wanted to concentrate and shed some light on changes that will impact dealer engagement with Edmunds consumers and invite dealers to mystery shop their products on the new site.

Most notably is the increased exposure of Dealer Ratings and Reviews. It now resides next to a dealer's name in most places that it appears on the site. This could not be more important as the new homepage defaults to a Price Quote request and will render our Dealer Locator page where the reviews are prominent. This enhanced ratings system which measures dealership responsiveness to modern shopping practices and expectations will continue to expand.


Dealer Locator


Dealer Hours and Directions & Facebook Sign-In


In the Build and Price structure, the new site offers consumers a steady diet of opportunity to reach out to dealers with tabbed access to Inventory, Quick Quotes, and Dealer Locator throughout the shopping process after trim level is chosen.


Dealer Access Points in Pricing Area


The execution of the Local Inventory results and filtering system in this area is one that continues to evolve. The new site offers consumers a nice graphical filtering interface with quick results. We are also continuing to work with inventory providers to standardize and purify data.

If you don't have your inventory listed on Edmunds, you're missing an important piece of the puzzle. Edmunds does not charge for its Inventory listings. You can get an authorization form and learn more about dealer opportunities with Edmunds at our Dealer Center


Inventory Filter


As traffic to the site accelerated to year's end, we're looking forward to an exciting 2011. Wishing all of you the same!

Good selling!

John Giamalvo

John Giamalvo, Director, Strategic Marketing

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