People @ Edmunds

Cindy Cindy Cindy Cindy


Edmunds employee since 2011

What is the coolest thing about working at Edmunds?

Hands down - the people! These people have forced themselves to becoming whom I consider my family, which makes Edmunds my home away from home. :)

Tell us about your favorite Edmunds memory?

My favorite Edmunds memory is the feeling I got when I sat at the Edmunds all company meeting for the first time. I remember sitting there; listening and watching, and feeling as if I had definitely stumbled onto something really REALLY great. I usually get warm and fuzzies when I watch movies about honor and integrity, I never expected I'd get them at a "work" company meeting.

What do you like to do for fun?

I really enjoy long walks by the beach - no seriously, I do. I love doing anything with my family, and my dogs Chi and Peanut. Anything outdoors is usually a winner - fishing, camping, hiking, canoeing, etc. If I'm not outside, I'm usually at home dressing up my little Yorkie, her name is Peanut.

Tell us about your first car:

My dad bought me a red Used 1980 Dodge Colt. I was so proud of that thing! I was rockin' furry cow seat covers and steering wheel!

Tell us about what you currently drive:

I currently drive a 2006 Pontiac Solstice. I put in an order 9 months before the car came out, and got the 3rd one off the line in the region. True story.