People @ Edmunds

Erik Erik Erik Erik


Edmunds employee since 2007

What is the coolest thing about working at Edmunds?

The coolest thing about working at Edmunds is that I work with smartest and most creative people around. And most importantly, there is a definite feeling that you are part of a family here. We're all great friends.

Tell us about your favorite Edmunds memory?

My favorite Edmunds memory was when I went from a college student intern to a full time employee. What really set it all in stone was the day I received my first official set of business cards. I'll never forget it!

What do you like to do for fun?

For fun I usually spend my days writing music, playing guitar, and jamming with my band. It's a love/hate relationship. Luckily, Edmunds has provided me with the flexibility to where I was able to tour across the United States and Mexico.

Tell us about your first car:

My first car was a 1969 Volkswagen Beetle. It was definitely a garage queen, or should I say, driveway queen. It didn't run and it was full of rust. But I thought it looked cool! Needless to say, I took the bus all throughout high school.

Tell us about what you currently drive:

Currently I drive a 1998 Honda Accord Sedan. It gets me to work everyday. Hopefully soon I'll be driving a nice Lexus LS400.