Join the Analytics Team!

Join the Analytics Team!

It's a great time to join the Analytics Group at Edmunds. As a member of our expanding team, you will help set the course for the company and millions of consumers. You'll develop deep relationships with internal and external customers and they'll become trusted partners. Here at Edmunds, you'll have the chance to use the latest in data technology - tools and methodologies that every scientist, analyst, and engineer dream about. Edmunds has some of the most exciting data sets in any industry and the data is just waiting to be mined, analyzed, and applied.

There are 8 exciting teams that make up our Analytics Group: 4 are Service-focused, 3 are Tech-focused and 1 is our Research & Development Lab. Together they make up the most experienced and creative Automotive Think Tank in America today. But don't take our word for it. Get to know the people who make up our passionate, talented, and resourceful group.

Edmunds' open office environment supports our collaborative mindset. Analytics Team members solve problems together and work to discover new ways to collect the valuable data breadcrumbs to tell the story in new and exciting ways.

Learning and teaching are core values in our Analytics Group. Considered leaders in the industry, Edmunds team members have presented to students at Amherst, Duke, Penn State, Georgetown, UCLA, Purdue, and Emory in 2015.

Learn more about our Analytics teams: Marketing & Traffic | Industry & PR | Sales | Product | Big Data & Development | Pricing & Statistics | Analytics R&D

Avi Steinlauf - Edmunds CEO

"DATA is the backbone of our business. We try to provide the best resources and tools. Then, our team uses their creativity to find ways to grow our business and transform our industry."

Marketing & Traffic

Partners with Marketing to support SEO and SEM efforts as well as our social advertising initiatives. Helps to drive traffic and build our brand with consumers, dealers, and manufacturers.

James Yu - Director, Marketing & Traffic Analytics :
With Edmunds since 2005. James has been promoted seven times over 12 years with the company.

"We work directly with the marketing team to help test and analyze different strategies in acquiring traffic. If you want to work in an environment that is fast-paced, never dull, utilizing the latest technology and collaborate with smart and passionate people, this is the place to be. Your opinion matters and you can really make a difference. I love working here."

Current Openings:
Senior Analyst, Social Analytics

Industry & PR

Be part of our Industry and PR efforts in positioning Edmunds as a thought leader when it comes to all things automotive.

Jessica Caldwell - Executive Director, Strategic Analytics :
With Edmunds since 2006, Jessica is regularly quoted in the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Bloomberg, and many other publications. She was named Top Auto Industry Analyst of 2011 and 2012.

"Being in the Industry and PR group, you get to harness different types of data: web, behavioral, and industry. Then you get to talk about it to the outside world. When you put it all together and share it, it can be pretty cool."

Current Openings:
Sorry, no current openings.


This nimble team helps the Edmunds Sales Force understand and monetize our consumer base. They identify opportunities and strategies to grow dealer revenue and help our sales team communicate the value of the Edmunds audience. They?re also responsible for forecasts and insights to optimize our audience based advertising revenue opportunities.

Art Kerdmanee - Manager, Analytics Development :
With Edmunds since 2006, Art has worked in Enterprise Planning and Market Intelligence and been promoted 4 times due to his commitment to excellence.

"As a member of the Sales Analytics Team, I help our Sales Team understand our consumer base. Every day I feel like I?m learning and making a difference. I look at my skill set as an analyst year to year and it?s amazing how much I have grown and how Edmunds cultivates that for all of us. The culture and the people at Edmunds are easily the things that keep me here and make me excited to come into work every day."

Current Openings:
Sorry, no current openings.


Partner with the Product team to ensure that we have a deep understanding of what our customers want and how our products are meeting their needs.

Nataliya Sayko - Executive Director, Product Analytics :
With Edmunds since 2007 (despite her daily hour and a half commute).

"Edmunds is a unique blend of a medium size company with a startup feel - innovation is part of our DNA. At Edmunds, you can work on various projects, expand your skillset and directly impact and contribute to the growth of the organization. The Analytics department has a strong reputation: our leadership relies on our data and analysis when making their decisions."

Current Openings:
Manager, Web Analytics

Big Data & Development

The Big Data Technology Group focuses on creating scalable and high performance big data platforms. The Analytics Development Team leverages our big data.

Punoose Isaac - Executive Director, Business Analytics (heads the Development Team) :
With Edmunds since 2010. Named one of Edmunds? top 3 managers in Q1 2015 based on feedback from his direct reports.

"I am proud to be a part of the team that builds data products that are being used to make intelligent decisions on an hourly basis. The huge investment that Edmunds made on analytics and data have removed the guesswork from our decision making."

Current Openings:
Data Scientist

Pricing & Statistics

Provides the most accurate pricing models in the industry and supports our service team in creating statistical models to predict future events such as the probability that a lead submitter will purchase a vehicle.

Qing Shen - Director, Statistical Analysis :
With Edmunds since 2002. Winner of the 2014 V12 Award for Outstanding Service to Edmunds.

"Edmunds is the best place I?ve ever worked. Great people, great opportunities, and I really feel like my work matters. We?re saving so many people so much time. It?s nice to do something you love and to feel appreciated. Even better, we know we are helping people. I feel very lucky."

Current Openings:
Sorry, no current openings.

Analytics R&D

Join a team that?s always generating new capabilities. Bring new ways of looking at consumers, dealers, and OEM partners and the economic factors at work in the automotive marketplace. Help enhance current revenue generating products and inspire the development of new ones.

Rob Hardy - Director, Product Analytics :
With Edmunds since 2010, Rob lives in Idaho but makes it seamless by collaborating with his team on a daily basis via Skype, Google Hangouts, and WebEx.

"Analytics at Edmunds is unique because of the diversity of data combined with the freedom to explore.  We have data from a variety of sources from most areas of the automotive industry.  And in most positions, we are not so deadline driven that people have no time to think creatively.  So an analyst can look for new ideas and our executives are always open to considering new approaches to helping our customers."

Current Openings:
R&D Senior Data Analyst