2012 Toyota Camry Long Term Road Test

2012 Toyota Camry SE: Beep

May 07, 2012


Toyota likes its cars to beep. Perhaps you've noticed. Lock the doors: Beep. Unlock the doors: Beep. Open the trunk with the fob: Beep.

Beep, beep, beep, beep.

It's possible this is annoying. It's also possible it can be partially disabled. Whatever. It's a lot of beeping. Especially if you happen to drive a Sienna, which beeps when you look at it.

Also, Toyotas beep if you put your laptop bag on the passenger seat and drive to work. Used to be they'd beep indefinately. Now, however, they only beep for maybe 30 seconds while flashing the seatbelt light. Then the light goes solid and the beeping stops.

Until you get to work. And lock the doors.


Josh Jacquot, Senior editor 

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