Bumps - 2012 Toyota Camry Long-Term Road Test

2012 Toyota Camry Long Term Road Test

2012 Toyota Camry: Bumps

March 12, 2012


The next block down from my house has two really annoying bouncy rubber speed bumps. It doesn't seem the type of block that needs speed bumps. It's not highly trafficked or tempting to drive quickly, nor does it have a lot of kids playing outside. But I guess the neighbors got together and petitioned for them. I would think they would have more important things to complain about, like the guy who keeps six Crown Vics parked on the block for spare parts. But whatever. If you don't have annoying neighbors then you probably live in the middle of a field somewhere.

I was driving our Toyota Camry slowly over these bumps with a 6'1" passenger sitting next to me. He hit his head on the ceiling over both bumps. Even though the Camry has been redesigned for 2012, the front headroom allotment is unchanged from the previous model at 38.8 inches. At 5'4", the top of my head comes pretty close to the headliner as well. But not close enough that I have to worry about bumping my noggin.

Front headroom in the Camry is lagging behind most similarly sized cars. It's nemesis the Honda Accord offers 41.4 inches. Here's a chart showing how other midsize sedans compare to the new Camry:

2012 Toyota Camry 38.8 inches
2012 Chevrolet Malibu 39.4 inches
2012 Ford Fusion 38.7 inches
2012 Honda Accord 41.4 inches
2012 Hyundai Sonata 40.0 inches
2012 Kia Optima 40.0 inches
2012 Mazda 6 39.4 inches
2012 Nissan Altima 40.6 inches
2012 Volkswagen Passat 38.3 inches

Donna DeRosa, Managing Editor @ 5,119 miles

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