2008 Scion xB Long-Term Road Test

2008 Scion xB: Hauling it all

January 22, 2008

Here's a shot of the xB's cargo area. And below is a list of everything I put in it this weekend...

Three mountain bikes. Big ones. Twenty-nine inch wheels and such. Loaded them at the same time, but couldn't stand them up as the xB's cargo area isn't tall enough -- even with the front wheels removed. Few full-size SUVs can accommodate a load this tall so it's not surprising or disappointing. It's kinda ugly when they're stacked up with padding between them, but they do fit. Probably could have rammed another one in there if I was determined.

Then the wife and I went shopping for a bathroom remodel we're starting. The Scion swallowed two 15x18x12-inch sinks, two 20x26x6-inch mirror/medicine cabinets, two sizeable light fixtures and two towel racks. There was still enough room to fit a toilet and third passenger (no relation).

I'm impressed. Much as I don't like the goofy-box styling of this kind of car, I can't argue with its utility. The best part is that the xB provides this much utility without the unruly driving character of many SUVs which offer similar usable space. Minivans are really the only vehicles which can match the xB's usable space/decent-to-drive ratio. But I'm guessing there's a reason the kids don't swarm to the Chrysler Town and Country like the do the xB.

Josh Jacquot, Senior road test editor @ 12,526 miles

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