2013 Scion FR-S Long Term Road Test

2013 Scion FR-S: The Boxer Briefs

June 20, 2012


I've always been a fan of boxer engines. One reason: packaging.

Look at all that room on top of the engine. It's just begging for a supercharger, no? But I fear I might be in the minority when it comes to forced induction (sounds like some sort of religious cult kidnapping, but I digress). Personally, I like superchargers over turbos because in my experiences, they deliver more linear power and, I'm somewhat embarrassed to say this, but, they sound cool.

Sure, turbos sound cool if they hiss and pop, but there's something about that high-pitched supercharger whine. Last year's Shelby GT500 had it, but the new bonkers 662-hp GT500 doesn't. And that was a huge disappointment for me.

What do you think? Turbo or Supercharge?

Mark Takahashi, Automotive Editor @ 1,199 miles

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