2013 Scion FR-S Long Term Road Test

2013 Scion FR-S: Black Friday Autocross, Arrivals

November 26, 2012


After the Thanksgiving feast, I was not feeling all that confident in my upcoming autocross performance. I overindulged in everything and I felt like my heart was pumping gravy. Call time on Friday was 7am in Fontana, which meant I had to leave CasaHashi no later than 5:30am. It doesn't happen often, but this was one time I wish I had more restraint.

My internal clock woke me up three minutes before my alarm went off. I still felt the effects from the night before. I was at least happy I packed the car the night before.

Just as I approached the main gates of the speedway, I caught a glimpse of my sister's STi Limited and that was comforting. We found a spot and began unloading our cars, leaving room for Kurt and the Focus ST, which he'll be covering separately. There were plenty of FR-S' that showed up, and quite a few had some pretty aggressive rubber mounted to their aftermarket wheels, so the pressure I was placing on myself was building.

Kurt showed up a bit later and we started adjusting tire pressures. I set the FR-S pressures at 41 psi all around. Some people suggested 45 pounds, but I thought that'd be too much. We made our way to registration and tech inspection and had plenty of idle time left.

We headed out on foot to walk the course to get a better idea of what we were in for.

The course was sufficiently wide for the handful of Corvettes to navigate without mowing down cones. That meant there was a ton of room for our long-termers, and that's when a feeling of dread began to creep in. You see, Kurt is fast. He doesn't brag about it, instead, he sandbags his skill.

"Oh, I'm not a good autocrosser," he says. "You'll probably kill my times out there."

B.S. The wider track means he has a better chance of getting into the power on the Focus. Freakin' sandbagger.

Kurt and I both got assigned to the first work group, which meant we had to manage the cones for a full hour before we got into our respective driver seats. That gave us a little time to familiarize ourselves with the first section of the course. The second half was a complete mystery to us.

My apologies if I haven't gotten to the meat of the story yet. I'm still working on the videos, but please stay tuned. It's good stuff.

Mark Takahashi, Automotive Editor @ 9,140 miles

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