Oil Change and Brake Check - 2008 Pontiac G8 Long-Term Road Test

2008 Pontiac G8 Long Term Road Test

2008 Pontiac G8: Oil Change and Brake Check

July 03, 2009

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Just about a week-or-so ago, we brought our 2008 Pontiac G8 over to The Martin Automotive Group in LA for its second called-for oil change. While we were there, we wanted them to check out a vibration we were getting through the brake pedal, and to replace the flip-style key that had long ago stopped flipping.

When we arrived we waited a solid 15 minutes before someone spoke to us, and even then it was only the lot attendant asking us to back up so they could get that limo around. Another 10 minutes passed and a service advisor beckoned. They said, contrary to what they'd said earlier that morning, that they were quite busy ( good for them I suppose) and if we wanted the brakes inspected we'd have to leave the car with them overnight.

Early the following morning I got a call saying that the car was done. The key fob was out of stock and would take a week or so to come in, but thankfully it was covered under warranty as a new unit runs upwards of $130. The oil service was completed for $39.95-- $15.95 in parts and $20.00 in labor.

They also inspected the brakes...and charged us $65 to do it. Their conclusion is the same one we could have figured out in Dan Edmunds' driveway: we need new pads. Not surprising. We drive this big car pretty hard and it's already got 23,000 miles on the clock. Brake rotors were also on their way out. Following this was bad news and more bad news. (1) They wanted some completely unreasonable fee for a brake job. (2) Martin Cadillac considers the G8 a "very new" car and as such, they don't have brake pads or rotos, they'd have to be ordered which would take 4-weeks. (3) Every other Pontiac dealer also thinks 2008 is really new and will make you wait two weeks, AND you have to pre-pay IN PERSON. No over-the-phone high-tech credit card payments for them.

Screw that.

We're going to save time, money and hassle by buying these parts online. (If you've got a good recommendation for where to go, love to hear it. We've got our standard places, but who doesn't love a better deal?) Look for more on buying the parts, and then Dan and I installing them, a little ways down the road.

Yesterday they called to let me know that the replacement key fob was in, we've just got to get the car over there to pick it up.

Total cost: 107.64

Days out of service: 1

Irritation level: Very High

Mike Magrath, Vehicle Testing Assistant @ 23,049 miles

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