2008 Pontiac G8 Long Term Road Test

2008 G8 GT: Strong Money for a Muscular Car

December 01, 2009

Pontiac front 34.JPG

It hurts to sell a great car like our 2008 Pontiac G8 GT at this time of year. You can almost sense that the shoppers have their minds on other things. We even had one guy email us several times saying he wanted to buy it when it came up for sale. I contacted him but, alas, his employment situation had changed. That was probably code for "layoff."

Still, I'm sure a buyer is out there for this car which has been a big hit with our staff (in fact, we had so much fun with it we ran up 35,000 miles). The only question is what price the G8 will go for. Right now, we are at almost the full TMV price of $21,900. Check out our ad for our Pontiac G8 GT on Autotrader.com. And make an offer.

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