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2014 Mazda CX-5: Details Count

May 13, 2013

2014 Mazda CX-5

See those ridges in the surface of the speedometer? They don't need to be there. In fact, when there isn't direct sunlight shining on them like there is here, you don't even notice it. And that's exactly why I like the fact that they are there.

It's a sign that someone at Mazda cares a little bit about design. Something as mundane as the surface of the speedometer is hardly a canvas for design expression, but it is something you end up staring at quite a bit.

In this case, whoever signed off on the final materials and design of the speedometer decided that it should look a little better than just flat black plastic. Even the surface of the needle base has a machined look to it. Nice to see someone cares about the details, in a compact SUV no less.

Ed Hellwig, Executive Editor @ 6,511 miles

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