20,000-Mile Milestone - 2014 Mazda CX-5 Long-Term Road Test

2014 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring AWD Long-Term Road Test

2014 Mazda CX-5: 20,000-Mile Milestone

November 12, 2013

2014 Mazda CX-5

That was quick. We're already at 20,000 miles and we've still got about three months left to enjoy the 2014 Mazda CX-5. One of us wrote it before and it bears repeating: The staff votes with the car board. And given our fondness for crossovers, you'd think we're all constantly shuttling two kids and a dog to soccer twice a week.

But it's not true. The CX-5, like the CR-V before it and the Santa Fe concurrently, play many useful roles in our lives. For some of us, it's kids. For others, it's dogs, bikes, drums, moving, mulch, tires and combinations thereof. It's not all about cargo, either. It's fun to twist the CX-5's wheel and it's also a pretty nice place to sit. By comparison, our old Impreza hatchback, also pretty useful but 12 cubic feet smaller than the CX-5, struggled to get miles.

The CX-5 has a few detractors around here. Slow, noisy and thin-skinned are some of the complaints. Hasn't kept the CX-5 from going home with someone most nights. At this rate, we'll rack up 25,000 miles before it leaves.

Dan Frio, Automotive Editor @ 20,000 miles


  • duck87 duck87 Posts:

    It's probably worth retelling that the Impreza's fuel economy was not impressive (heh) compared to the CX-5 and CR-V, which is pretty sad considering they're both something like 300 lbs. +. On top of that Subaru saddled the Impreza with a CVT (which did cause an issue for you guys, IIRC) in the name of fuel economy... fat lot of good that did. The final nail in the coffin was the fact that the interior cabin of the CX-5 looks better finished!

  • fordson1 fordson1 Posts:

    "It's not all about cargo, either. It's fun to twist the CX-5's wheel and it's also a pretty nice place to sit." Minus the need to haul cargo, I think I would be driving a regular car...which I am. This CX-5 is definitely one of the best of its type, no doubt, and subjectively pleasing to drive. These crossovers are handy for sure, but for actual performance they match the state of the art for a regular car of maybe 7 or 8 years ago. Wondering why this vehicle, either with this 2.5 or the base 2.0, needs a 160 mph speedo with the markings all crowded together, especially with the thick needle this one has.

  • legacygt legacygt Posts:

    The Impreza is a sad story. The car was "dumbed down" in the name of delivering great fuel economy. Some might have accepted the drop in power and the CVT if it really delivered on the fuel economy front. But it doesn't and that's sad. My brother's Outback with the 2.5 and the CVT gets nearly the same real world mileage and is much larger. That said the Impreza still delivers a world class AWD system (something the CX-5 and other small mainstream CUVs don't) that is probably not appreciated as much in SoCal as in some other regions. I've been reading the long term blog posts for a long time and I don't think I can recall a car getting as much love as the CX-5. I appreciated the earlier post comparing it to an X3. Of course it's not in the same class and gives up some performance. But it's a lot of fun. Very efficient. And over-delivers relative to its price.

  • explorerx4 explorerx4 Posts:

    To me, Edmunds is just putting a lot of miles on this to keep the MPG average up. It's pretty anonymous overall. Red is a good color for it.

  • jeisensc1 jeisensc1 Posts:

    Granted it's the first all-Kodo/all-SkyActiv vehicle that Mazda made, but it's also very unrefined. No doubt they sell well, but once the new car smell wanes, frustrated Mazda owners flock to their service departments and message boards where they find no relief. My experience has been that the CX-5 is buggy, and Mazda service departments are not able to service them quickly and resolve issues. I took my CX-5 in 5 times before Mazda acknowledged the remote start system was defective, and it spent a total of 7 days in service to be fixed. http://www.cxfail.com

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