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1997 Honda Accord

Honda Accord Features and Specs

Features & Specs

  • Engine 2.2 L Inline 4-cylinder
  • Drivetrain Front Wheel Drive
  • Transmission 5-speed Manual
  • Horse Power 130 hp @ 5300 rpm
  • Fuel Economy 22/29 mpg
  • Bluetooth No
  • Navigation No
  • Heated Seats No

Review of the 1997 Honda Accord

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  • Safety
  • Pros

    Good build-quality, nice interior, peppy engine, and comfortable seats.

  • Cons

    We don't like horn buttons, and we think the styling is a bit bland.

  • What's New for 1997

    Changes to the ever-popular 1997 Honda Accord include the deletion of antilock brakes on the LX five-speed models and the discontinuation…

What Others Are Saying

Customer Reviews

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Best car!!

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Vehicle: 1997 Honda Accord Value 4dr Sedan

I bought mine with 60k, i now have 120k. Ive only done oil changes along with once a year wax. It looks new and runs great! Ive only needed to do the a/c compressor, which was only $300 what a steal! when my friends same year Saab was 1,200. Boy did he have a Saab story! This car takes you anywhere and everywhere! Ive taken it to Colorado in the mountains, to the beaches of california, never has it ever broken down on me. At times ive though of getting a new car but then i remember that NOTHING compares to the gas and reliability this car has. Its a gold mine, thats why its been rated the #1 stolen in America! crooks know where theres gold mines.

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A consumer car with zip

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Vehicle: 1997 Honda Accord EX V6 4dr Sedan

This is my second Honda Accord in the last few years. My first was a '97 Honda Accord SE with 185,000 miles on it that I bought from a junkyard for essentially nothing: it zipped around fine, sipped gas, and was cheap to repair. It died (lesson, never buy a used car without a maintenance history) as the old owner ragged it. For the above reasons, I bought one last week, a '97 EX with the V6 engine in it. It has 138,000 miles on it and is in excellent condition. It has zip and pep and really gets around town. Even better, as it has all the maintenance records going back to purchase, I can see it has been well kept and for a fraction of other cars. Yay 94-97 Honda Accords!

Great car!

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Vehicle: 1997 Honda Accord Special Edition 4dr Sedan

My sister got this car when she was 15 and it had 50k miles on it and now shes 22 and she recently bought a new fusion but this car was passed down to me and now with 203067 miles on it and we have had only 1 problem and it was the EGR valve but it does have minor faults like the windows and paint but otherwise a fine car and i would buy another one

300,000 miles and going strong

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Vehicle: 1997 Honda Accord LX V6 4dr Sedan

Over 300,000 miles on original motor and transmission. Almost nothing has ever gone wrong with it, except it would shut off or not start, and problem was a recalled ignition switch, dealer fixed for free. Hope to get a half million miles out of it!

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Best car i've ever owned

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Vehicle: 1997 Honda Accord DX 4dr Sedan

Bought it with 70,000 and currently has 227,000 replaced 1 half axle, 1 battery, upper bushing on front. 34 mpg on highway w/ cruise combined around 28 mpg. At one point at about 110,000 it would just shut off as if I turned the key off but would catch in gear again b/c of it being a 5 speed standard. I called Honda and they told me that it had been recalled for bad ignition switch. Made an appt at the local dealer. Honda replaced everything. igniton switch, points, plugs, cap, wires and even an oil change at NO COST.. Now that's SERVICE! In fact I just bought my wife a 2004 Accord EX.

Great sedan

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Vehicle: 1997 Honda Accord LX 4dr Sedan

Bought a 97 accord over a 2000 civic by the looks and I do no regret it. I've had the timing belt snap on me but because we had no idea of the history and did not take enough caution to change it while it was still good. Previous owner was horrible. With the timing belt change we redid the heads gaskets, radiator, water and etc. Window motors are horribly slow at the front and nice on the back. Ignition assembly had to be changed. Starter changed. OEM speakers are really amazing for their year. Although a lot of work had to be done it was mostly because of previous owner with horrible habits. This car really is great A to B in comfort, speed, and style.

Gas Mileage


  • 22
  • cty
  • 29
  • highway
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What's New for 1997

Changes to the ever-popular 1997 Honda Accord include the deletion of antilock brakes on the LX five-speed models and the discontinuation of the EX Coupes with leather. No other changes for the 1997 Accord.

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