2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Long Term Road Test

2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor: Finally.

August 08, 2011


It's official. My pathetic streak is over. I might not have needed to engage the Raptor's four-wheel drive, but I did spend some time in the dirt this weekend. Sideways, even.

Here's how things like this go in Orange County: There's one accessible (no gate, no long drive) dirt road in the county on which to have some fun. One. As a result, the stupidity level on that road is high on the weekends. It's five miles of the roughest, nastiest dirt anywhere. There are washboards sections, offest frame twisters, creek crossings, water bars and idiots.

Did I mention the idiots?


So we drove it hard. With the idiots. Off-road mode engaged, stability control off. And we fit right in. Even though this is hardly the first time I've driven one of these rigs with vigor, it is the first time I've driven this one that way.

There's something so refreshing about charging through deep washboard at 50 mph. Same with shallow creek crossings. Heck the Raptor doesn't even care if you hit them all crossed up. In fact, the one-wheel-at-a-time thing seems to work best. Most of the time its massive travel even keeps it on the ground.

And when were were done, we at enchiladas. Lots of enchiladas.



With the Raptor a little dirty, I loaded up the family the next day -- kids and all.

Wife: "This thing is filthy, what did you do?"

Dirt Jockey: "I drove it in the dirt. It looks like it's supposed to look."

Wife: "That's great. I just don't want it to touch me."

Dirt Jockey: "Success."

And with that, we proceeded to use the Raptor like a minivan the rest of the day. That's the truly great thing about this truck. Knock its gas mileage, its gratuitous styling and its size all you want. You're not going to find yourself sideways at speed through a creek one day and loaded up with the family for church the next in any minivan.

Best of all...it doesn't care. Its alignment is still good. It cruises at 75 without vibration and there's no more road noise now than there has ever been. It's indifferent to this stuff.

I say it's worth it.

Josh Jacquot, Senior editor

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