2012 Ford Explorer Long Term Road Test

2012 Ford Explorer XLT: Three Blink Minimum

October 06, 2011


Our 2012 Ford Explorer XLT has an extensive menu of vehicle settings that can be customized by the driver. You can alter the headlamp off delay, auto door locking and a ton of other stuff. It's even possible to shorten the oil change reminder light interval if you prefer to change it early and often. Customization is good. I like this sort of thing.

But one thing you can't do is get rid of the three blink minimum feature on the turn signals. No such menu entry resides on the above vehicle settings screen, and I R'd the FM and came to the conclusion that no such toggle exists.

Some of you have no problem with this. You really like getting three winks of the turn signal in excahnge for one tap of the lever. I get that.

I am not of the same mind, and I know that I am not alone. Thirty years of muscle memory, of every blinker working the same way, will do that to you. I dislike having to pay attention to something that had become an involuntary reflex.

But that's neither here nor there. You like it, Jacquot and I (and people you know) do not. I think we can agree that the triple blink is not universally loved.

Point is, customizable menus make it possible to make everyone happy. If a car has umpteen vehicle settings and a slick method for making changes, how about we toss the blinkers in there, too.

It's been done. Our past long-term BMW 7-series had this, to name but one recent example.

Dan Edmunds, Director of Vehicle Testing @ 2,356 miles

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