2012 Ford Explorer Long Term Road Test

2012 Ford Explorer XLT: Heavenly Headrests

October 09, 2011


The front headrests in our new 2012 Ford Explorer Limited are nothing like those found in our dear departed 2009 Ford Flex Limited -- and that's a very good thing. Longtime readers may remember that the Flex's headrests were so universally hated that they were dubbed Headrests from Hell.

2012_Explorer_300_headrest_2009_Ford_Flex.jpg They angled sharply forward, pressing drivers and front passengers alike into a crouch. And there was no relief because this unhappy angle was not adustable one little bit. Those devilish headrests were by far the worst part of driving our long-term Ford Flex.

But no such problems exist in our new 2012 Ford Explorer. The face of its headrests are a bit softer and the angle is adjustable -- very adjustable.


This is the forward position. If this were our 2009 Ford Flex it would be the only position. But this 2012 Ford Explorer has an angle adjustment; there's no need to put up with this unless you happen to like driving with your chin on your chest.


Aah, that's more like it. And there are 11 more intermediate positions between here and there. Anyone and everyone should be able to make peace with these headrests.

Dan Edmunds, Director of Vehicle Testing

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