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2002 Chevrolet Corvette Z06: Trunk Latch Is Fixed

December 29, 2010


You might remember that our Z06 has a gimpy trunk lid popper -- JKav posted a workaround video for it way back in February. You also probably thought that we had long since fixed it. Well, we didn't. But as of today it's gimpy no longer. I finally got tired of the thing and fixed it. We've had the car 11 months. Total fix time? Thirty minutes.

vette_trunk2.JPG The solution was surprisingly easy. I did some sleuthing on the Corvette Forum. Turns out the latch's popper spring can get bent down over time, reducing its effectiveness. All you need to do is pull back the carpet for better access and bend the spring back up using some pliers. I also lubed the trunk lid's hinge points.

The lid releases just fine now when you hit the fob button. It probably doesn't pop up quite as high as it did when new, but it's enough to get your fingers underneath it, which is all that matters. And now when we sell the Z06, it's one less thing the potential buyer will have negotiating leverage on.

Brent Romans, Senior Automotive Editor

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