2014 SLP Panther Camaro Long-Term Road Test

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2014 SLP Panther Camaro: Impressive Highway Ride, But So-So Driver Comfort

February 6, 2014

2014 SLP Panther Camaro

One of the more impressive qualities about our 2014 SLP Panther Camaro is how well it rides on the freeway. As Scott noted previously, it's more complaint than a lot of other sporting cars. Factor in the moderate amounts of wind, road and exhaust noise and you've got a muscle car that begs to be taken on road trips. In fact, I'm sure some of my coworkers will do just that in the coming months.

But for me, at least, I find the driver position to be rather mediocre in terms of comfort.

For some reason I just can't get as comfortable as I'd like. Part of it could be the seat. It's merely OK in terms of support. But I think it has more to do with the pedal positioning in relation to the seat, as I find I have to angle my right leg outward to properly use the gas pedal, and that gets uncomfortable for long stints. Nor does the steering wheel telescope out as much as I'd prefer. I've tried a couple of different adjustments of the seat and steering wheel in hopes of a fix, but so far no luck.

Yeah, I know, I know. "Brent, it's an SLP Panther, for heaven's sake, not a Caddy XTS!" But I also have friends who own high-end sports cars or sport sedans, and it's funny how seat comfort is something that comes up rather frequently in conversation since the cars are their daily drivers.

It's something to think about if you're looking to buy a Camaro/Panther/Mustang/Challenger.

Brent Romans, Senior Automotive Editor @ 3,547 miles

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