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European Vehicle Delivery Programs: Double the Fun

Drive Your New Car Through Its Birthplace — for Free

  • The Alps

    The Alps

    A sunny road in the Alps is the perfect place to explore the limits of a European luxury sedan. | March 18, 2010

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Rather than pick up your new European luxury car at a local dealer, wouldn't it be grand to drive it through the same beautiful places shown in those alluring television commercials? On the autobahn, or through the Alps, perhaps?

As it turns out, if you can afford the car, you can often get the trip thrown in for free. Several major automakers have European vehicle delivery programs that allow you to drive your new car in the country of its birth for no more than you would pay for the car here at home.

The European vehicle delivery programs offered by Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo offer a discounted vehicle price combined with free or highly discounted travel fares. A typical program flies you and a guest to Europe, where you'll stay for one night at a five-star hotel. The next day, you'll take delivery of your car and receive a VIP tour at the factory where it was made. You can take the car out for an extended spin (it's your own car, remember), then drop it off back at the factory or at a dealer. From there, that vehicle will be shipped to the U.S., where it will arrive several weeks later.

More often, though, vehicle buyers opt for lengthier European vacations offered by the automakers for an extra (though steeply discounted) cost, choosing from a variety of planned scenic and historical road trips, or customizing their own.

Some highlights: Volvo's overseas delivery program has the widest range of trips, offering golf at St. Andrews in Scotland, a "Culture and History" tour and fun, family-focused expeditions throughout Sweden and Denmark, to name just a few. Mercedes offers a four-day extension, the "Black Forest-Alps Rally Package." BMW features "Castles and Mozart" and "Spa, Sport and Drive" tours. Unlike these automakers, Porsche charges extra for its basic European delivery program, but it can customize an off-road journey for its Cayenne SUV buyers.

Trips include stays at some of Europe's most deluxe hotels and inns, vehicle insurance, and often include meals as well. Vehicle buyers can also choose to add friends or family to the trip for a fraction of the usual retail price.

Once your excellent adventure comes to a close, leave your car at one of many locations in the host country (or across Europe, depending on the program) and fly back home, courtesy of the automaker.

Sound too good to be true? Check out the different programs' details for yourself using the links below.

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